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The Full Thunder Moon

– The Full Thunder Moon – Buck Moon- Mead Moon- Hay Moon-

July's full moon has many names, depending on Native American tribe, location and fertile earth. It is namely known as Thunder Moon,  as thunderstorms are more frequent in North America as the weather heats up in July.  Yet there was and is a lot of variety in the associations Native Americans made. Algonquin speakers called it the Buck Moon, for the period when the antlers on deer start growing. In the Pacific Northwest, the Tlingit called it the Salmon Moon. Given that crops start to ripen in July as well, it's no surprise that the Cherokee called it the Ripe Corn Moon, or that among European colonists it was called the Hay Moon. Europeans had another name for the July full moon: Mead Moon, because it appeared at the same time as larger honey yields.

The full July moon will be situated in the constellation Sagittarius, just below Aquila (The Eagle) and above Nunki (Sigma Sagittarii), a medium-bright star. As usual, during the Northern Hemisphere's summer, the moon is above the horizon for a relatively short time — only about 10 hours —

Intuitively speaking, 

The July Full Moon falls in the earthy and practical sign of Capricorn. Capricorn energy is thrifty, smart and knows how to go the distance. This Full Moon energy is extremely intense, but will be guiding all of us to keep on climbing towards the transformative energy that we have been wanting and needing, but haven't had the stamina to continue. If there is something you need the motivation to do, or if there is something you have been going after for a while, this Full Moon may just give you the boost you have been looking for.

You are going to be feeling the intense desire to change things in your life. These changes are most likely something you will want to do quickly and impulsively, so follow your gut but at the same time, be mindful of your emotions so you don’t say or do something you will regret later.  

This Full Moon will definitely be calling on us to rip off a few bandaids so we can keep climbing and keep on moving up higher.

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